Interviews, co-curation, artist liaison and design of visual identity for Objects of Desire exhibition at Schwules Museum, Berlin (Ran from 07.03.2019 - 01.06.2019).


As well as the exhibition of objects collected from interviews with sex workers, there were artworks (sculpture, installation, performance, film and more) from 8 artists responding to the themes of the archive and object-stories. 

Objects of Desire 2019 archive photos, Mark, Berlin, March 2019                   Click for exhibition listing

Photo 1: 'Us' by Mark, artist room at Objects of Desire, Schwules Museum 2019. Photo 2: 'Golden Flux' by

Marianne Chargois at Objects of Desire finnissage, Schwules Museum 2019.

A short documentary on Objects of Desire's exhibition and events in Berlin through 2019. Film by Chuck Blue Lowry.